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welcome to my website

Hi I'm Nicole and I'm a web designer, crocheter, artist and fan of K-Pop! You can find me at nicoleoyama.com, or my linktree for concise links. I was charmed by neocities and the y2k aesthetic many of these sites had. The project has been fun trying to make a site look like this on purpose.

Feel free to check out the github repository.

I remember when websites used to look so chaotic, no rhyme or reason to them either. I remember making some basic websites back in the day. I don't recall their exact design layout. I DO remember the usage of tables, overrunning sites with blinky gifs, linking banners to other sites!!

I figured it would be fun to relive that and design an old school site here. My goal is to create this in a day, and not prototype it out like modern day web design. I'm just tackling this as I go, as I would have back in the 2000's. I couldn't bring myself to use tables as the main layout but other things like the scrolling text box below and some blinking, marqueeing, and the like here and there.

-nicole 2023

thank you for visiting!!!


12:15pm: Added more blinkie gifs and other things:

11:27am: Added the bg, drop shadow and other 2000's elements, needs more buttons:

4/10/2023 10:53am: Updated this website / started this website.


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